Surveillance is an interactive light installation on snow by the artist Larose in collaboration with Bromont, montagne d’expériences in which skiers are followed by light beams thanks to a system capable of capturing their movement in real time. In total, five robotic projectors are controlled by the artist on a 500-foot stretch in the Candiac track of the ski center Bromont, montagne d’expériences.

Surveillance's soundtrack


Synergy is a live audiovisual performance of electronic music by Larose in collaboration with Nanoleaf in which music is physically represented by Nanoleaf One light bulbs. The Synergy project aims to demonstrate that an electronic music artist can offer a real live performance, as a band would do, and by so to abolish the stereotype that all electronic music artists are DJs. The combination of light and sound enables the audience to grasp the relation between the performance of the artist and the sounds created live and so demonstrate the contribution of the artist on stage.

“Larose bringing electronic music into the light” — The Record

“Larose is a enthrallingly brilliant musician with a contemporary spin on electronic, jazz, funk, groove, etc.” — Brotherhood Magazine

Synergy's soundtrack